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Smart Mirror

Make your routines fit dynamically to you. For instance, with Smart Mirror you have the latest time management innovation available in your home. Set the mood for your day, and never miss another appointment.

Inspired by simplicity

To fit into your home, mirrors are made upon requests

Smart Mirror


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Original design and manufacturing

The mirror is designed in the heart of North Jutland – Aalborg. It’s core focus point is forming the standard for a smarter home where we little by little realized that every home is different, along with its needs,  and by laying a framework based on our customers needs we can deliver an elegant, top tier gadget for the future.


About Kaufmann Designs and Smart Mirror


Kaufmann Designs started in Aalborg 2018 and since then the creators behind face a daily battle with too many ideas that can make everyday life just a bit easier, they eventually had to choose a direction, an invention and endorse the ideas one at a time. Above all, making daily life easier is the core reason, and also why Smart Mirror became a focal point of concentration. This way of thinking brought forward the ability to receive your daily agenda in a fresh and fashionable way, and therefore innovated on an traditional mirror.
In every home you step into, you always see at least two mirrors, they are placed in the entrance, or in the house’s bathroom, and so it has been for the last decades, however, with minor modifications like light emitting diodes that function as a cool and useful extension, but still minor modifications. Anyhow, by combining information screens and and the reflective specs of a mirror, a whole new world of potential is ahead of us.



Let’s Build Something

No requests are too large or too small, make a request and we will figure it out.
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